such incredible energy and passion and warmth and love all wrapped in an irresistibly awkward (awkwardly irresistible?) package and topped with the most beautiful face. what a fantastic human being you are, matsumoto jun. never stop being inspiring. happy thirtieth. ♥

PSA: kitto_slutparty 2013 sign-ups are open!

To quote: “[This fic exchange is] wholeheartedly dedicated to bicycles, to making the rounds, to multiple partners, to freedom of choice, and to a complete lack of barriers and boundaries. In other words, this fic exchange is about sluts.”

…you know you want to. Sign up here! They’re open until July 15th.

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Even though he’s Nino, AD tasks.

Mocchi: For Ninomiya-kun, I love his cool expression.

We go many places, do many things, make many connections, but since we can be pretty shy, we’re usually together.

Include this, the Arashi that Arashi wants you to see was here today 100%.

Each one of you is part of that 100%, and if you were able to become part of that Arashi which you wanted to see, then that’s the scenery we are seeing together.

- Ninomiya Kazunari, "Scene"〜君と僕の見ている風景〜 STADIUM
We’re dancin’ on a roll
You’re so, you’re so
You’re so funk & body